Where am i from?

I was born on the coast in Mobile, Alabama. I went to college at Auburn University and got two bachelor's degrees: Piano Performance and Spanish. Then I moved out to Waco, Texas to work on my master's in Piano Pedagogy and Performance (More About That.) where I was joined a year later by my beautiful wife Lane Scott. Now I reside in Nashville, TN where I am producing online content for Corner Music, teaching piano lessons at my music studio and writing, recording and performing with various Nashville artists.

Why Video?

I started taking pictures in high school on a tiny little Olympus. From every trip I took, I would usually return with about 6,000 pictures and video clips. On the weekends, my best friend and I usually borrowed an old camera from our church and made music videos. I was usually just the talent, but I'm not sure I knew at the time how much I was absorbing as I watched him edit. Later in college when I moved away , I realized  videography wasn't just a way to pass the weekends in a quiet little town. So, I bought a camera and started making my own videos.


As a videographer, I combine my technical knowledge of cameras and lenses with my own personal sense of art and design to produce captivating videos that tell your story. My workflow consists of getting to know you and the details of your event, shooting the day of, and then putting it together in a beautiful and compelling video that highlights your story. As a freelance videographer, I have enjoyed working with musicians, artists, small businesses and weddings to take a simple message and make it art. I would love to work with you to learn how to take my interest in story telling and digital media and put it into a practical format that meets your needs. Get in touch with on the contact page!


I spend hours and hours online reading about new lenses or the latest software plugins to make sure that I am up to date on the latest technology, but anyone can learn how to operate a camera or use a computer. The number one thing I have to offer is my eye. When you hire me, you aren't hiring simply my equipment or my time. You are asking me to show you how I see your world and capture it for you in a video.